The Boreal Army


In its humble beginnings, the Boreal Army was part of the old Northern Region Army, which has since become the Northern Army. All fighting units north of Concordia of the Snows and the Barony of the Bridge were defacto members of the Northern Army. With the recent endorsement of the Eastern Crown, the Boreal Army has surfaced to represent the Northern Shores, with full acknowledgement and recognition of its deep roots with their cousins in the Northern Army. It is interesting to note that most of the squires in the Northern Shores are students to Knights of the Northern Army.

The Boreal Army originally surfaced in A.S. XXXI (1996), at the S&M War, in the province of Malegentia. Known at the time as the army of the Northern Alliance under the leadership of Lord Rothgar Rogan of the Barony of Ruantallan, they banded together to fight against their common foe - the Malagentian Army. The Northern Alliance was made up of fighters, archers, and fencers from the Canadian part of the East Kingdom, as well as allies residing in Mountain Freehold, Stonemarche, and Coldwood.

The next manifestation of the army, under the name True North Army, occurred at the Great Northeastern War, again in the Province of Malagentia, in A.S. XXXIV (1999). Lord Derfel Malory of Ruantallan, who just a few months before successfully advanced to the quarter-finals at the East Kingdom Spring Crown Tournament, led the new army. Once again, the members of the army were all from the Canadian part of the East Kingdom. As a sign of solidarity, they all wore white arm bands, scarves, or displayed white favors on their belts to signify their affiliation. They fought as allies to the Barony of the Bridge against the forces of Malagentia.

A.S. XXXVI (2001) marked the army’s Third Generation, which represents the newly created Northern Shores Region of the East Kingdom. His then Imperial Majesty King Andreas, on a visit to the Barony of Ruantallan, made a request that an army be formed to represent the fighters and other members of the region, and that a commander for this new army be selected. As efforts were already underway to form an army, it didn't take long to get the population involved in making this happen. The chosen name for the new army was l’Armée Boréale / Boreal Army, under the command of its new warlord, Baron Conrad Connor MacAllyn.

The Boreal Army took to the battle field for the first time against a common foe at Great Northeastern War in Malagentia, on July 21st, a.s.XXXVI. The Army definitely left its mark and won the admiration of many notable individuals.

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