The Boreal Army

Tempestas Borealis (Storm of the North)

Boreal Army

Greetings and welcome to the Boreal Army website!

The Boreal Army is a group of individuals that reside in the Northern Shores Region (Canadian) part of the Laurel Kingdom of the East, which is part of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). The core members of the army participate in various martial activities such as armored combat, fencing, archery, and equestrianism. It should be noted however that an army couldn’t sustain itself without the support of others. After all, an army must be fed, dressed, and equipped! As such, artisans and supporters complete the army’s structure.

Raison d'ętre
The main reason for this army's existance is to unite the people of the Northern Shores in friendship and camaraderie, and to provide its members with a sense of purpose and belonging. In addition, it is our hope that the creation of this army will provide the Northern Shores a venue of exposure to the rest of the Kingdom of the East that some of its citizens may not presently enjoy.

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August 2007
The Boreal Army joins with House Bloodguard, Rome, the Silver Horde and Surtr's Brood to form a new fighting unit known as the "Usterblichen".

February 2007
Another knight for the Northern Shores Region, as Sir Yesungge is knighted by King Lucan on the battlefield at Estrella War.

July 2006
Baron Conrad Connor MacAllyn joins the Order of the Pelican at GNE 2006.